The ISO Quality Management System is the backbone of our society, guaranteeing the safety and quality of products and services, facilitating international trade and improving the environment in which we live. In order for a business or company to improve organization, the senior management must apply the seven quality principles of the ISO 9001 standards. The quality management principles are: 

  • Customer Focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of People 
  • Process Approach 
  • Improvement 
  • Evidence-based decision making 
  • Relationship Management 

These principles are guidelines that can help companies tackle some of the most demanding challenges of modern business. The ISO standards ensure that business operations are as efficient as possible, increase productivity and help companies access new markets. Many businesses are not only able to cut costs, and reduce their impact on the environment, but are also able to increase customer satisfaction. 

When businesses choose to conform to the ISO standards for their products and services consumers can have confidence that the products they purchase are safe, reliable and of good quality. Understanding the needs of existing and future customers is vital in aligning organizational objectives with customer needs and expectations. The ISO standards allow companies to meet customer requirements, create and manage customer relationships, and exceed customer expectations. 

Since the beginning, Medi-Ray has had an effective, end-user oriented management system to ensure that the resulting lead products and services are always of the highest standards and compatible with today’s metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements. We have been ISO certified so that we may continue to provide our clients and customers with excellent quality, service, and products.