Tungsten is a heavy metallic element and a transition metal. It most often occurs in minerals such as scheelite, wolframite, huebnerite and ferberite, and is obtained commercially by reducing the tungstic oxide with hydrogen or carbon. It has the highest melting point of all metals. Heat causes Tungsten to expand at the same rate as glass, so it is widely used to make glass and metal seals. Tungsten carbide is a compound used in the metalworking, mining and petroleum industries. 

There are several applications and uses for Tungsten and its alloys, including:

  • Glass-to-metal seals 
  • Filaments for electric lamps, electron and television tubes, and metal evaporation work
  • Electric contact points for car distributors
  • X-ray targets
  • Radiation shielding
  • Windings and heating elements for electrical furnaces
  • Missile and high-temperature applications
  • High-speed tool steels
  • Metal-working, mining and petroleum industries
  • Calcium and magnesium tungstates for fluorescent lighting
  • Tungsten salts are used in the chemical and tanning industries
  • Tungsten bronzes are used in paints
  • TV tubes
  • X-ray targets 

Medi-Ray uses Tungsten or its alloys for our lead shielding and counterweights due to its high density. Its electronic structure makes it one of the main sources for X-ray targets and shielding from high-energy radiations for the radiopharmaceutical industry. From the toy industry to radio-pharmaceuticals to aerospace, we have the technology and processes to meet every need and exceed all expectations. Our lead products and services meet the highest standards and are compatible with the current metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements. 

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