Lead’s versatility and protective qualities make it a material which is in high demand.

The most common and useful form of lead is the lead sheet. These sheets are important in the chemical and radiation industries because lead is highly resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, as well as x-rays and gamma rays. Lead sheets are used to reinforce and protect the walls of hospital radiation rooms and laboratories, as well as storage containers and aprons, to protect both doctors and patients from harmful radiation and contamination common in hospitals.

Lead sheets used in the chemical and medical industries are made from pure lead, or a mixture called lead-antimonial alloy.

Benefits of Lead Sheets

Since lead is a rugged, flexible, and long-lasting material, it has  gained popularity in the medical field. 

The high density and limpness of lead sheets make lead a very effective material for reducing the transmission of noise through partitions and doors of lightweight construction. Often the lead sheets are bonded to plywood or other building boards for convenience of handling. Current developments include employing lead sheets for the reduction of industrial noise, and from engines of all sorts. A particular advantage to this use of lead sheets is that the high density of the material creates a need for relatively thin layers to suppress the transmission of sound.

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