Case Study

Why Medi-RayTM?

Medi-RayTM inspires innovation in nuclear medicine and metal technology. Medi-RayTM has integrated its own product line that has surpassed all standards set by leading competitors. Medi-RayTM is built upon excellence in their craft of lead casting products. The recent advancements by Medi-RayTM, have ensured that the world of nuclear medicine will abide by all environmental regulations while offering high performance products at a price that is second to none.

Specifically, in this case study, a single shielding package had to be suitable for shipping radiopharmaceuticals to Australia, Singapore, The Netherlands, England and the USA. In order to accomplish this task, Medi-RayTM followed an approach which covers all global regulatory aspects and shielding requirements.

Nuclear Medicine

Medi-RayTM coordinates all evaluation and testing that is done by independent radiological physicists who are experts in the fields of metallurgy and nuclear medicine. This ensures that all lead products are of the highest quality and meet all regulations and requirements set forth by the DOT. Medi-RayTM’s radiological physicists strive to design products that go beyond environmental expectations, to the point where their products are as safe as technologically possible.

Just in Time Delivery

Medi-RayTM always has the customer in mind. Therefore, the company has set an inventory management division to offer “just-in-time” delivery schedules to their clients which helps to reduce costs.


Medi-RayTM stands alone as the leader in lead radiation shielding products. Medi-RayTM calculates all necessary shielding requirements as a basis for the shielding design. The application of the most efficient software technology helps improve product quality, meets customers’ specifications and reduce costs. Medi-RayTM prides themselves in all aspects of efficient shielding, from radioactive material to X-Ray, CT, MRI or PET scanning equipment. Medi-RayTM has every shielding component that you can think of, such as, sheet lead and foils, adhesive backed and coated lead materials, custom components and lead stampings. Medi-RayTM provides top notch shielding generators and has been recognized as the world leader in the manufacture of Technetium99 generators. All of Medi-RayTM’s physicists and engineers has years of expertise in designing and manufacturing the best generator shield solutions out on the market. Also,

Medi-RayTM provides CAD drawings of lead to help the customer with their ideal specifications. Medi-RayTM never charges their customers for CAD services. The company will also offer design alternatives


The formulation of coating specific is provided. This ensures hygienic handling in laboratory and clinical atmospheres. As a way to guarantee the elimination of peeling of coatings, the company employs proprietary primer. Implementing proprietary lead alloys, accomplishes maximum shielding and durability of the coating.

What separates Medi-RayTM from other companies as a leading brand in proprietary coating is that Medi-RayTM is able to guarantee adhesion without breaks or chips, whereas, other companies tend to fall victim to chipping or cracking with their products. In an effort to increase brand/product awareness and recognition, Medi-RayTM offers PMS color coated containers. Medi-RayTM will always label their plastic encasements with corporate logos and identification symbols so the customer is always aware of a Medi-RayTM product.

Lead Containment

Medi-RayTM’s range in accommodating lead container requirements is second to none. For instance, Medi-RayTM can accommodate 1/16th walls to several feet in thickness. Medi-RayTM accommodations are not limited only to length. In terms of weight the company can range from grams to tons. Few companies can offer similar accommodations. Another affordance of Medi-RayTM’s coated lead containers is that the containers have an interlocking lid/base design, which comes standard. Upon request the containers can also come equipped with bottle sponges and desiccant liners. Medi-RayTM will do everything in their power to accommodate customers’ preferences. Therefore, Medi-RayTM offers exterior plastic encasements, which are customized to the exact dimensions and colors that the customer requested. To ensure that their outer packaging is that of the highest quality, Medi-RayTM employs expert foam and plastic consultants as well as manufacturers, to design the foam and packaging. Medi-RayTM’s mission is to supply the customer with exactly what they ask for.

DOT Compliance

Safety always comes first for Medi-RayTM. Therefore, Medi-RayTM takes time to ensure that the product is transported and handled properly and efficiently, regardless of the packaging design. Medi-RayTM takes DOT compliance very seriously, therefore, the company adheres to the scheduling and completion of DOT drops test, which certifies that the company’s shielding packages meet DOT standards. Medi-RayTM is always involved in testing throughout the year to ensure that the company always meets DOT regulations. Medi-RayTM is licensed by the state of New York to handle radioactive materials.


Medi-RayTM has integrated purchase and application services for their labeling purposes. The company employs independent labeling consultants to assist in all labeling requirements. The integration of this service allows Medi-RayTM to maintain their inventories while being involved in quality-control inspections of their labels. For instance, Medi-RayTM’s labeling of their lead containers has resulted in dramatic savings for their customers. Also, the establishment of quality-control procedures has allowed the company to guarantee product consistency. What also stands out about the quality-control procedures is that it guarantees personnel protection with appropriate certification for compliance to all shipments.

Inspiring innovation through high performance consistency is the backbone of Medi-RayTM.