Vial Shields

Medi-RayTM has developed a full line of ergonomically engineered vial shields that provide your clinicians with the maximum protection from exposure. Our decades of experience have allowed us to perfect the design of several types of vial shields, each engineered to meet your specific needs.

With a wide variety of closure mechanisms, color coding, lead glass viewing windows, knurled brass threaded covers, and our non-slip painted finishes we have all the product features you are looking for.

All of our vial shields are available with plastic inserts to accommodate smaller-sized vials.


Our Dovetail Vial Shields have a unique sliding cover that is thicker and provides more shielding than our traditional “swing-top” vial shields. This dovetail closure is designed to be ergonomically operated with only the thumb, providing safe and efficient one-handed operation.

With brass-threaded removable tops and bottoms our modular vial shields allow for the insertion of the vial into the vial shield from either end, whichever suits your particular situation and protocols.

Plastic inserts are available for all our Vial Shields in order to safely accommodate smaller vial sizes.

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As the worlds largest manufacturer of Technetium Tc99m generators it is only logical that we have refined and perfected our Generator Vial Shields to maximize their ease of use, ergonomics and safety while minimizing both the clinical exposure and the production cost of these superior units.

Supplied with knurled and brass-threaded closures, leaded glass viewing windows, and our ergonomic non-slip finish, these Generator Vial Shields provide the optimum solution for “milking” your generators.

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Our Flip-Top Vial Shields provide substantially thicker shielding as well as the convenience and safety of a gravity-operated top closure.

The Flip-Top Vial Shields can accommodate larger vials than our smaller modular design vial shields.

Plastic inserts are available for all our Vial Shields in order to safely accommodate smaller vial sizes.

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Our modular approach to vial shield construction enables us to efficiently provide you with color-coded vial shields that dramatically reduce the chances of medication errors in the clinical environment.

Shown here are our Swing-Top Color-Coded Vial Shields that also incorporate color-coded closures. Our Color-Coded Vial Shield Bodies are also available with our unique sliding Dovetail Vial Shield covers.

Our modular and Color-Coded Vial Shields are also available with leaded glass viewing windows.

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