In the rarified world of nuclear medicine, 1970 was an especially important year. For it was in that year that a passionate group of visionary individuals, comprised of physicists, metallurgists, physicians and radiologists, formed an important alliance. These professionals shared an expertise in nuclear medicine, each one approaching it from their unique perspective. The result of this alliance was the company known as Medi-RayTM, Inc.

Realizing the significance and the future potential of nuclear medicine, and that the attendant requirements for highly specialized hardware and devices would be expanding at a tremendous rate, the newly formed

Medi-RayTM corporation proceeded to design and produce an entire product line of remarkably high performance products heretofore unequaled in nuclear medicine.

Medi-RayTM produced specialized packaging, vial shields, syringe shields, shielded storage and waste containers and shielded, diagnostic radioisotope preparation kits

With an eye towards the future, Medi-RayTM sought to ensure that the world of nuclear medicine advanced with confidence, and formed the Medi-RayTM Consulting Service to meet and overcome the growing challenges in the provision of professional training and guidance to personnel involved in the practical applications of radioisotopes, diagnostic radiology and therapeutic radiology.

Never before had anyone seen anything like Medi-RayTM‘s unique blending of metallurgical expertise with radiation physics; producing the safest radiation protection products and services ever seen… a true breakthrough in safety and performance. To this very day, Medi-RayTM remains truly unique.

Medi-RayTM has been awarded numerous medical packaging awards for its many contributions to the safe transport and clinical handling of radiopharmaceuticals. In June of 1993 the DuPont/Merck partnership awarded Medi-RayTM their highest form of supplier recognition for Medi-RayTM‘s unrelenting pursuit of quality and service over the years.

Innovation, Medi-RayTM‘s reason for being, continues in earnest to afford our customers, our community and future generations the lead casting products they need at an unprecedented price while maximizing the safety of our environment.

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