Lead Shipping Containers

Medi-Ray offers a comprehensive line of lead shipping containers to meet all your DOT compliance and transportation safety needs with a wide variety of proprietary coatings, plastic encasements and specialized linings in numerous shapes and sizes.

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Diversity in packaging design for radiopharmaceuticals, X-Ray and other imaging applications is the key to Medi-RayTM’s innovative approach. Rather than being confined to a single container design, Medi-RayTM’s customers can utilize a sheet lead approach. TM offers a complete line of lead lined packaging with lead thicknesses from .030” to .250”. Adhesive-backed materials, including foam options, cover all lead surfaces.

All designs are customer specific, and Medi-RayTM will hold a safety stock of lined packaging to facilitate ‘rush’ demands or JIT requirements.

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Medi-RayTM’s tamper-proof lead packaging features a patented closure design that has been the hallmark for our radiopharmaceutical shipping containers.

Medi-RayTM can cast the thickness of thelead walls from 1/16″ up to several inches thick. The containers are also offered invarious heights

For the ultimate in DOT compliance and transport safety, Medi-RayTM’s tamper-proof lead packaging designs are cost effective and easily adaptable to automation processes.

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Medi-RayTM can provide square plastic components with square lead containers to accommodate the needs of automated production lines and square shaped bottles or enclosures.

Exterior and interior dimensions can be customized to fit a customer’s requirements.

Medi-RayTM offers various types of plastic to protect the container and its contents to any variation in hot or cold temperatures.

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