1975: Lead Container Recycling Program

With environmental issues concerning lead always an important consideration and with the continuing growth of nuclear medicine, by 1975 it was time to address the problem of increasing stockpiles of old, out of service, lead containers. Once again working with E. R. Squibb, Medi-RayTM‘s team developed the first Lead Container Recycling Program for spent Technetium generators under licenses issued by New York State. Shortly thereafter the Medi-RayTM program became the accepted environmental standard for the recycling of all used radiopharmaceutical shipping containers. Thirty-one years later in 2006, the program remains fully in effect with Medi-RayTM continuing to operate it; effectively safeguarding the public from the dangers of mishandled, spent radiopharmaceuticals, thus allowing radiopharmaceutical users and manufacturers to easily follow proper environmental procedures and safeguards. Medi-RayTM continues to be the acknowledged leader in lead container recycling.