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Our Team Has You Covered

Get all of your lead metal technology needs met with Medi-RayTM. We have radiation physicists, protective coating technicians, CAD engineers, casting experts and packaging design specialists working to create expert lead products. We supply  lead shielding, lead bricks, lead containersx-ray shielding and other lead products that provide protection for workers and the environment.

Our Clients

Medi-RayTM serves a diverse range of industries that depend on lead products. Industries that use our products include laboratories, construction sites, aerospace and the military, medical fields, and industrial and heavy equipment.

Custom Products

The Medi-RayTM team can develop custom products to fit your needs. Custom products use assembly equipment altered to fit a customer’s specific needs. This results in lower production costs, which leads to an affordable cost for the customer.

Fast Shipping – Easy Payment

Just-in-Time” delivery gets your product there fast. Medi-RayTM uses shipping methods that include air and ground shipping. With carriers such as UPS, we can package your product and get it to you in a flash. We conveniently accept Visa and MasterCard for hassle-free payments.

Assembly Services

Medi-RayTM offers custom in-house assembly services. This benefits the customer in several ways. It helps lower costs because there’s no need to hire assembly workers. Assembly also allows the Medi-RayTM team to check functionality, and make sure everything perfectly fits. The Medi-RayTM team knows the best method of installation for its products. Knowing how to perform installation is important, as lead bricks and any products for lead shielding of radiation must provide protection. The slightest mistake in installation can reduce the usability of the product.