In the year 1970, a passionate group of visionary individuals, that consisted of physicists, metallurgists, physicians and radiologists formed an alliance that resulted in the birth of the company Medi-Ray, Inc. Our company is devoted to innovation in lead metal technology. The multi-disciplined approach that we follow allows us to provide solutions to the operational problems and high costs inherent in the many fields which draw upon metals and alloys technology. We ensure that the resulting lead products and services are of the highest standards and compatible with today’s metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements.

Med-Ray has been providing unparalleled quality service and products for close to 50 years. Our commitment to continual development, improvement, and consistently high quality gives our customers a competitive edge ensuring continued success.

Strategic Partnerships

Customer relationships have fostered a standard multi-year contract approach with guaranteed pricing limitations. We believed credibility, honesty and great products and services are the only way to do business.

All Custom Products

Customer-specific products are produced utilizing production, quality control instrumentation and assembly equipment and assembly equipment altered to produce custom products.

Quality Control & Assurance

The procedures for quality control are refined and expanded to include inspection procedures stipulated by customers, so the costs are reduced for customer quality control inspection and other related costs. 

Just-In-Time Delivery

Just-In-Time delivery is offered to our clients to reduce customer inventory costs and to deliver mutually economical delivery quantities.

Environmentally Friendly

We provide our customers with the ability to recycle the lead products Medi-Ray produces. Thirty years ago Medi-Ray developed this environmentally sound capability, which has made us the leader in ecologically compliant operations that safeguard the public, guarantee the proper handling of used lead products and is cost-effective for our customers. 

ISO 9001:2015 Certification 

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization. In particular, the ISO 9001 family, which addresses various aspects of quality management and contains some of ISOs’ best-known standards. A company that has a certification to ISO 9001 standard delivers high-quality products and services.

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