Medi-Ray is the industry leader in the manufacture of radiation shielding products. Radiation shielding products manufactured by Medi-Ray include lead plates, lead bricks, sheet lead, lead glass, lead wool, syringe shields, x-ray shields, nuclear medicine accessories, lead castings, lead containers for shipping and many more.

Where are radiation shielding products used?

Radiation shielding products are used:

  • In the Medical industry: x-ray equipment, thyroid equipment etc.
  • In airport detection devices
  • In the defense industry
  • In submarines
  • In Nuclear power industries

Why is lead used as a radiation shielding product?

  • Lead is fairly inexpensive.
  • Lead can be easily bent and manipulated.
  • Lead is corrosion resistant.
  • Lead is extremely versatile, malleable and easy to work with.
  • Due to its high atomic number, lead can efficiently resist harmful radiation.
  • Lead is a highly stable metal.

Contact Medi-RayTM for radiation shielding products . Medi-RayTM is a certified ISO 9001:2008 company. This globally recognized standard of management excellence shows Medi- RayTM ‘s dedication to quality assurance and control.

With over 40 years of metallurgy expertise, Medi-RayTM is the leader in custom and precision lead products. Medi-RayTM is the first Heavy Metal Company (lead) nominated by the US Federal EPA to receive an award for “Most Hygienic Lead Fabricator” as a result of their health, safety and environmental programs.

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