Lead linings are used in many different types of facilities worldwide. Examples of such places include hospitals and medical clinics, where lead products are used to provide medical radiation shielding. 

In medical situations, there is a great need for the application of lead lined products for radiation shielding. Radiation is useful, especially in the medical field. Unprotected exposure to radiation can cause damaging and irreversible changes to the body. Overexposure to high levels of radiation increases the likelihood of contracting tumors and cancers, as well as radiation sickness, and severe skin burns. These circumstances create the need and demand for lead lined products.

Lead lined products hold great importance in a wide variety of industries and settings:

  • Lead products used for radiation shielding keep healthcare workers and their patients safe from harmful rays. This includes anyone working in the Veterinary, Dental, and other medical fields.
  • The need for lead shielding in nuclear power facilities is important. Powerful gamma and neutron radiation is extremely harmful if not contained. This includes protecting the surrounding environment, as well as any transportation needed to move radioactive materials.

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